Hi, I'm Xavier de Guzman.

Founder of Play On Foundation

Back in 2013 I lost a close friend of mine to a brain aneurysm. A condition that I naively believed only happened as you got older. I’ve never been less satisfied with the reason, “it can happen to anyone.” I've spoken with medical professionals over the years and I was shocked to learn that strokes and other neurological conditions like these are increasing in the youth as the years progress. With the medical advancements that have been achieved in the last century, my goal is to create awareness of this symptom and raise funds to go specifically to the field of neurology in hopes of finding a way to prevent this from affecting more lives. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share this website with your friends, family, & anyone you may come across. Miss you brother. #DoItForNate

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Remembering Nathan

"Nathan Noel, who worked at a Toronto daycare and kindergarten, didn’t just watch his kids play – he joined in. And he treated their problems with gravitas. ‘My children,’ he called his students. A memorial was held for him this week."


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More about Play On Foundation


As of the foundations inception, Play On Foundation has partnered with the neurological department of Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital. The next steps are to get in touch and partner with more research teams, as well as seek out sponsors, so if you may know someone or an organization, please feel free to contact us at info@letsplayon.org .

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